NYC Create as a Term Came About Originally from the Concept of Creating in New York City and there are those Who find Artists on the Rise and Capitalize on it

New York has Been Home to the Evolution of Several Famous Artists

How to Become Famous by Running Away from Fame in USA, NYC

Some people want to be famous. Some people want to be not famous. As a rule of thumb, if you do not want to be famous you are more likely to become famous. Whereas if, on the other hand, desperately want fame, then you have another thing coming.

So, what does this mean? If you want to be famous, should you act like you do not want to be famous, and fool everybody into making you famous? On the other hand, if you do not want to become famous should you act like you want to be famous?

No. Making either of those short-term strategies work is likely to be ineffective. Because trying to portray what you are not, is a losing battle in so-called “real life” here in this great country of ours.

Time for the Grand Finali Known as “NYC Create”

Okay let’s face it. The Pandemic initially was horrible for NYC, making it seem as if it was no longer a place to be that was an environment that was helpful to creating.

That was the general thought at least. Needless to say, those in the domain of looking at the process of “NYC Create” turned out to be the winners if they leveraged the negative. The 1 percenter people were the first to bail. Why? Because they feared it would be too difficult to make a profit if they remained in the city that never sleeps.

So, they immediately moved themselves and their operations to places like Texas and Florida, due to the belief that they needed to lower their overhead expenses to keep bringing in that moolah. And as a strategy it worked for most.

But ironically, it was those who did not have as many resources and therefore had to stay put, who “in a sense” won. How? The most successful of these folks were the ones who leveraged the pain (and there was a lot of it) who got the last laugh.

While the wealthy, so called “New Yorkers” grabbed their first chance to “Get out of dodge,” while many true New Yorkers stayed, plus in many cases they did not have the means to relocate anyway. Projects that we were involved with was somewhat along the lines of what might those who stayed do?

The project was an attempt to make a difference in the healing of the “Big Apple” and was entitled “Save NYC Together.”

Final Analysis of What is the True American Dream Realized
Obviously, no one can say for certain, but if all that you have experienced here, as well as in other places, is the feeling that maybe you can do what is needed to attain your “American Dream” (and even the “Magic” of it) it could be a big step forward you!

New York City Marketer Looks Up at the Sky in Search of a SOLUTION to a Marketing PROBLEM

NYC Create Joins Cause Marketing Project Taking on Marketing PROBLEMS

You most likely have heard the phrase “There’s nothing new under the sun.” True, but that does not mean you can’t take old marketing tools and by combining them together, come up with fresh approaches. That is what is being attempted here in conjunction with pairing together existing and proven tactics and then pulling them all together into a single strategic solution that can be used weekly for your business or career as a creator.

Beautiful but Frightening

Digital Marketing rules the world, but in this case, it means that it rules many of us as well. It sometimes can start to seem as if the only existing form of Digital Marketing is to purchase ads on targeted Search engine and social media platforms. Digital Marketing is a beautiful thing, but it is also a very high-cost beautiful thing. And for many of us that is a PROBLEM that needs a SOLUTION.

Goal is to: Find a Fresher Marketing Approach

That is why NYC Create and other sites in the Blog Coalition are coming together to make marketing problems into marketing solutions. And do not worry, feedback has been received that NYC Create can at times seem to have its nose in the air, being a snob and talking about New York City being the best place to live in the world. NYC Create promises not to go over the deep and start to very heavily promote Manhattan, NY. Instead, the focus will be on what matters most which is to find a a new fresher marketing approach. And not just for NYC but for individuals all over the USA.

And speaking of the USA, at NYC Create the hope is to get USA Create, the national version of “Create” with NYC Create being the East Coast Branch.

Helping a Creative Friend in NYC

Is This You?

Are you creative and broke? By this we mean that you are a very talented creative person, with a lot of knowledge and ability (when it comes to creating things). But, for whatever reason, you have not been able to turn your creativity into commerce?

We Get It

We understand all too well because many of us have faced the same issue. Having an abundance of being able to innovate, yet when comes to producing an income with our insights and skills, are unable to reach the next creator plateau.

It Gets Worse

One friend, who should be in Mensa, had jaw dropping powers of perception, but also had a fear of failure and the ensuing humiliation that can come from doing something such as running a business, that ends up quickly closing after having its door opened for less than a month.

The Downward Spiral

These days because of the Pandemic are causing entrepreneurs all over the USA having to have their dreams dashed with shutdown becoming a regular thing. But when our friend had this occur to him, he took it personally as a rejection, and afterwards felt very alone in a state of depression.

The Stress Was Intense

Even when we told our friend that likely it was due to Covid variant increasing its reach, he still processed the experience that could have done well if a “real” businessperson had done the venture instead of him.

That Was the Turning Point

It occurred to me shortly thereafter was that the issue was especially shattering for him because he saw himself as a creative individual who didn’t quite get the whole “business thing.” Creative people excel in generating ideas, but sometimes it is difficult for some to do, say, math for instance. Anyway, through this thought process I came up with an idea to help him get out of the gloom and doom.

If You Make It Here You Can Make It Anywhere

New York is a Haven for Innovation

Bottom line, NYC is a great place to create. Despite the violence that has caused many New Yorkers to flee, Manhattan(and the other boroughs) offer resources and cultural inspiration that are not available anywhere else in the nation, or even the world.

Establish a Business Online

Of course, there are many people throughout America who do not live in New York, nor have they even visited us. Regardless, you can tap into the intensity that NYC (and all over America) has that helps you make digital products. One option is to establish a business online that you feel strongly about.

Do it Yourself or Get Digital Pros to Help You Out

For example, you could make digital products. This means engaging in online ventures such as making eBooks, Membership Sites, Online Courses and much, much, more. The technical aspects of developing such products could be a lot easier than you may think. There are DIY (Do it Yourself) options as well as the choice of bringing in an outside professional to help.

Are You a New Yorker Who Wants to Make a Difference by Creating a Virtual Workshop?

Questions that May Come Up when You Create Your Online Workshop

When it comes to defining the road you will take to create your workshop, there are some questions you might want to ask yourself. What is the best method for me to get across the desired outcome to my students? Is there enough time to fully realize the learning objectives? What is the most direct way to ensure that participants leave , knowing internally that they have integrated knowledge and technique into their mind? Are any materials necessary to help the desired income? If so, what kind of a directive will you give to the students in advance so that they will be able to gather these instruments prior to the workshop beginning, even though the lessons are taught virtually?

Let the Voices of Your Students be Heard

When it comes time to do your workshop(s), sometimes a good place to start is by asking your students to talk about themselves and their backgrounds and what they hope to achieve through the experience? If there are rules needed for having the best result of the class(es) be sure to explain them to your students at this time also.

Seek a Result

Basically you want to explain to the participants what the goals of the workshop are so that right from the very beginning they understand what is being sought and can integrate this into their own barometer. A responsibility that you have as an instructor is to keep things always moving toward the desired goal. You can integrate check-ins throughout the process to ensure that the students are getting a result as they move with you toward the goal.

Optimize the Benefits of the Experience

Toward the end of your workshop(s) is a good time to open up the discussion of what your participants have learned and what they will now do with their newly found education. You can literally go one student at a time with her or his sharing. As a facilitator, this is a great opportunity for those who are not clear to be coached toward the workshop’s goals. You can also outline and affirm the steps they will now want to take for optimal benefit from the experience.

Yianni Stamas welcomes you to Human Rights Day

All of Us Can Get Along

You have landed on NYC Create as we look at the UDHR, which stands for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and includes aspects of what is necessary for all of us to get along despite beliefs and religion as well as opinion and information. On this day, December 10, which is Human Rights Day.

Human Rights

Another right, freedom from the state or personal interference, protects all the other rights. Sadly, some of the UDHR has yet to be followed along with, but the document itself has indeed stood the test of time. It represents the empowerment of every human being in the world along with bestowing the right for individuals to stand up for their own human rights.


It is the tradition on this day to to grant the yearly United Nations Prizes in the Field of Human Rights including the Nobel Peace Prize.

Any Magicians in the House?

DIY (Do It Yourself) or DFY (Done for You) for Magicians

Normally on this site we focus on creating posts about strategic ways to do outreach for your business and/or career. Today we are going to do something a little bit different. If there is interest from our readers, we may make this a regular thing. What’s new? We are going to talk about marketing specific to a profession which our work with DIYdigi now allows.

The Remote Magician is You

Let’s say for example you are a magician. What is important to you? New gigs could be the answer or maybe having a unique act unlike any others. Or maybe even both. Let’s also bring into the equation the fact that these days magic is often done remotely. Remote Magic Shows are getting more and more popular. And it is often thought that although there is now a vaccine, people who book magicians, including kid birthday moms, business events and so on, will continue to be remote..

The Importance of Asking for What You Want

Marketing for magicians is much more than just getting the gig. That is just the beginning. Your magic show must be entertaining beyond expectation. Why? Because a great act will build word of mouth and therefore will likely get referrals. Ask and ye shall receive.

Challenging Times

Business Perspectives

NYC Create started as an entity committed to helping artists, we still have that mission, but we also have had the opportunity due to the pandemic and unrest to speak with business, people who are facing the challenges of our times.

Reinventing Yourself

Sadly, some physical location businesses have had to shut down their businesses. As a part of what we do we have volunteered, helping businesses to find ways to digitally reinvent themselves.

Building New Income Streams

At first glance this may not seem like something viable for all kinds of business categories. But if you think outside of the box, you can uncover new kinds of income. For example, “How To” videos such as those produced by USA How To. A business owner with a relevant expertise can digitally teach others the skillset while simultaneously gaining publicity for the business and having an additional income stream.

What I’ve Learned from the Pandemic about Creativity

I used to think that New York City was the end all and be all when it came to creativity. And I still believe it was and can once again become the Big Apple once more.

But I’ve learned something about creativity. You can be virtually anywhere in the world. Because as it is now with the virus and unrest, I stay inside most days. Creativity then becomes less about physical environment and more about inner environments.

I never thought I would ever feel this way, but my and my family may eventually leave the metropolis. We are unable to just pick up and go, but with some planning and goals achieved, we could be putting this once glorious city in our rear view mirror.

What are Your Personal and Professional Missions?

We have a limited time on this earth and most go through this experience known as life, without a personal mission. The same goes with new entrepreneurs and some old ones. Do you know what your mission is? We’re talking about personal and professional missions.

I can only speak about myself of course. I have gone many years without a mission in the businesses I have started. In fact, even getting my graduate degree which has a lot to do with creating missions, I still was left mission-less .

How about you? Do you have either a personal or professional mission or both? Contact us we’d love to hear from you.