What are Your Personal and Professional Missions?

We have a limited time on this earth and most go through this experience known as life, without a personal mission. The same goes with new entrepreneurs and some old ones. Do you know what your mission is? We’re talking about personal and professional missions.

I can only speak about myself of course. I have gone many years without a mission in the businesses I have started. In fact, even getting my graduate degree which has a lot to do with creating missions, I still was left mission-less .

How about you? Do you have either a personal or professional mission or both? Contact us we’d love to hear from you.

Artists are Making a Difference in New York City

Blog Coalition is a Network of Blogs of Artists and Business People


Generating Art and Blog Entries

In many ways New York has lost the cultural luster that it has had for so long. No theater, the museums, no creative events and so on. What is left of Manhattan, NY at this point is online on video conferencing such as Zoom. Just when everything seemed amiss, Performing Artists and Visual Artists of all kinds, came together with a pact to keep generating art and blog entries.

A Network of Blogs

This creator of creative unity is Blog Coalition which is literally what its name implies: a network of blogs who support each other through this difficult time.

An Invitation

Since its inception is has been flooded with those who have blogs and are in the performing and visual arts. Being harmonious in a group makes it easier to cope with the challenges. If you are a creative person we hope to see you there.

Be Creative with Your Business

How Can You Be Creative with Your Business

If you are an artist you hopefully have been flexing your creative muscles as an ArtisticPreneur. If so, you may have found that analyzing your business is not always easy. One site that may have some solutions for you is called DIYdigi. Regardless, you need to know how to be creative with your business since your business likely is your way to promote your art  whether you are a Fine Artist, Performing Artist, Media Artist etc.

Do You Have a Solution to a Problem?

The good news for ArtisticPreneurs is that since you are creative you can be creative in both your creative career but also your business. This is especially useful when it comes to marketing. A great way to start a business as an artist is to serve others who are pursuing the same art that you are, offering them a solution to a problem such as needing better marketing.

Artist Marketing

We had a successful creative business for artists for 12 solid years, always making a profit. The way we did it was to focus on performing artists and their need to have both a demo real as well as a way to present their auditions digitally. We had many working artists come to our practice. You might want to try something along these lines to. The reason is that you know your art form so all you really need to do is to come up with a service such as we did as performing artists by helping other such artists with marketing. You can do it too!

A Way to Create in Which You Create

Don’t Cop Out

In my view,  when you create, if it is done for the greater good, it is a noble thing to do. Some creative people can’t create. It’s true. They have a high degree of creative ability except they don’t use it. Say for example a writer who claims writer’s block and therefore is not able to put words on paper. Unless this state of mind occurs because of a dire situation, not creating is in the opinion of many, a pure and simple cop out.

Bring it into Your Conscious Mind

Okay, maybe we’re being a bit too hard on the creative individual. In order to unblock writer’s block takes a bit of mind over matter. You need to want to write. This is where you have a discussion with your unconscious and ask it if it will please bring that material into your conscious mind.

How to Start to Create

Now, you can only have discussions with your brain on issues like being unable to create IF you really want to do so. For example, there are many who truly do not want to create. They think they want to, they may even believe that it is a feather in their cap about looking good in the eyes of others. Looking good to others is a motivation and not necessarily a bad. If you discover that this is why you do what you do, embrace it. Really give it a big hug and be willing to let go. This could very lead to your fingers on you computer keys to actually start to…Create!

NYC Create – This is Your Time to Create

NYC Create

This is your time to create. Your time to thank those essential workers who are making a difference. A friend of mine who is an essential worker is proud to be a part of a positive group of people.

How to Say “Thank You”

Saying thank you can be as simple as participating in the 7:00pm tradition here in the city of clanging pots and letting out hoots. It’ also a time to bring into focus what others are doing for us in your blog or even in your every day communicating to others.

NYC Create – This is Your Time to Create

Create with all your might your feelings about being in Manhattan, NY and being in lockdown. How has this been for you? How are things going. We want to know. So NYC Create!

Be Creative

Same as it Always Is

NYC Create was originally started to celebrate the good fortune of being in New York City and being able to create. It still is and no amount of Coronavirus can take that away.

New Ideas

It’s been several weeks now since COVID-19 took its hold. But creativity continues to abound. In some ways it has allowed for being focused on new ideas.

Creative Output

Having to stay indoors, has given way to increasing the creative output daily. Of being able to…NYC create.

Develop Your Creative Process

How to Get More Creative

NYC Create is a strong advocate for developing your creativity. And even if you’re someone who does not consider themselves to be creative, you can actually further develop your creativity with a series of steps that will keep you on track to maximizing this process.

Make them Comfortable

To start, be sure to ask questions of yourself that directly lead to coming up with solutions. But it needs to be the right questions. For example, if you have a retail location and want to sell a product there, asking the question of how can you sell may come down to asking yourself “…how you can create an environment that is conducive to people buying?” Making them comfortable and taken care of so that offers appeal to them.

Leverage What You Know Well

Your creativity can also be stimulated in the pursuit of becoming an expert in something that connects to your products and services. By having and building knowledge, the creative aspects of your mind will be triggered, especially in the areas you have knowledge of since you will have the breadth of understanding of a topic that leaves you free to get creative about it.

Leave Yourself Open to Possibility

Being creative means always being on the lookout for possible solutions. You can achieve this by being more mindful. In other words, don’t pre judge situations and instead be open to discovery. You can catch yourself in the act of judging and instead leave open the possibility for something else.

Increase Your Luck

Also, creatively you can create your own luck because if you consider yourself lucky you can become more lucky by being open to recognizing opportunities. Use your imagination by imagining what is possible.

Be Open

Of course, by the same token if something is not the right path to follow then shift gears and look at another method. This is a part of the creative process so you do not get fixated on a single idea. Don’t waste time, but through your openness be sure you accurately see a track to take.

Develop Marketing

An interesting creative strategy to use is to leave something undone. Let’s say for example you are a writer. Maybe leave a plot point not solved at the end of your writing time. That means when you return to writing you will need to stimulate your imagination to solve the problem today. This works for other areas as well such as developing marketing.

Give Yourself Time

It can also be great to brainstorm where you come up with lots of ideas about something. Sometimes you may want to give some space between coming up with ideas and then choosing the one you are actually going to use.

Do an “Act of Creativity”

You will want to train yourself to see relationships between things that may not seem related at first glance. Making those connections is an act of creativity.

Special thanks to Market Your Journey and Movie Process for encouraging us to write this post.

Keep Up with Marketing

Look to the Future

Hello businesses, performing artists and organizations. We’re here to discuss an issue that affects all of us. When it comes to marketing the old saying goes “The only constant is change.” So if you are a business who is seeking that intersection between marketing and strategy, due to constant changes occurring in technology, you need to be one step ahead of the curve. Or at least, with the present but looking toward the future. Additional stress can occur for those over 50, but that’s power for the course.

You Need a Thick Skin

This can at times be quite frustrating because just when you get used to a nice pace with known elements, the change happens. One thing disrupts the other, so you need to be thick skinned in your approach.

Hopefully You Have a Good Home Situation

Especially for Performing Artists, rents and purchases of homes in metropolitan areas can be pricey. Thankfully, if you reside in New York City, there is a solution that can happen via NYC Housing Lottery.

Human is Human

Meanwhile, there are some things that change more slowly and are a part of the equation. What is that? Why it’s human nature of course. We just have to look at the stories from Ancient Greece to see that this is the case. Also Shakespeare, which has held up well over the years because it still resonates with people.

Customer Taking Action

So how do you get on the right track? For what it’s worth, we make it our job to focus in on what is working today and what is not. We build a foundation to the building in looking at the goal of connecting a customer with a brand and then that customer taking action.

When the Moment Strikes

This means that as the elements change, you still have a somewhat stable first layer to your marketing. Then as changes occur they become integrated into the equation for the moment.

Customer Acquisition

But bottom line with all this is that it has to create results for the client. We are in very different times than even just 10 years ago. There are now the tools to see if something if working and to equate what amount is attached to a new customer acquisition.

Specific About Costs

Marketing efficiency is, for the lowest possible cost, delivering effective programs. You need to look at cost per inquiry, cost per sales-ready lead and so forth.

Know Your Audience

Throughout all this never forget that you need to know EXACTLY who you are trying to connect with. Because only then can you get the best possible outcome. Additionally, there will be revelations through the promotional process about who your demographic is, and this is just power for the course. Again, make sure you have a good home life to combat these obstacles.


Integrate all the things you discover about your ideal customer because people in ways can change based on technology also. For example, an older person who rejects technology is going to take a very different approach than a young person who wants to possess the latest. Of course, this can work in reverse as well.

Campaigns Change

Campaigns and programs in the past of been the backbone of marketing, but recently this has started to change. Everything gets broken down into operations functions to be achieved. Each function can be a part of a campaign, but can also stand on its own.

USA Create and NYC Create Working Together

The 6 Step Version and the 19 Step Version are BOTH Included!

We’re talking of course about the eBook product from the new partnership of USAcreate.com and NYCcreate.com. This edition of the “How to Get New Customers” PDF is the “6 Easy Steps Method.” This is perfect for beginners. While for pros, as a special bonus included along with the newsletter is an exclusive bare bones outline of the “19 Steps Technique.” Media Administration is pulling its weight also to ensure this product is the very best it can be! And don’t forget Movie Process’ contribution on the video end.

NYC Create Joint Effort with Movie Process and Media Administration

Ultimately the three of us are developing content for USAcreate.com. Folks have been asking us about the 19 steps so getting the eBook can give you the outline of what they are and either have us create your customized web marketing tools or create them yourself! Althought it’s just the bare bones but, it is the exact same tools and 19 steps we use to get new customers so it’s been tested many times over!

Makers of Digital Web Marketing Tools

And don’t forget, USAcreate.com and MediaAdministration.com can make all the digital web marketing tools you need whether you are interested in doing the 6 Step or 19 Step approach. You of course also free to make the digital marketing tools for either of the solutions yourself. Again, details of how to purchase the eBook will be given toward the end of your 10 days of learning by email how to get new clients.

Too Many Newsletters?

How many newsletters are you subscribed to? How many of them did you then want to delete shortly after signing up? Our goal is that the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter (the official newsletter of USAcreate.com) remain having value to you.

We Work Hard to be Relevant

We take sending newsletters very seriously which is why we keep our newsletter content focused on the mission. We bring you weekly news that includes a hopefully useful marketing tip as well as relevant information regarding our in house projects. This includes documenting the process of working with partners such as Movie Process.

Monetize Your Art

Receive weekly tips to promote yourself as an artisticpreneur – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – as well as build your audience and ultimately monetize your art and artistic products online.

John Yianni Stamas Reveals a Strategy to Achieve Your Goals

Do you have a goal you would like to achieve? You’ve come to the right place. Please continue to read!

Achieving Your Goals is the Mission

NYC Create came before USA Create and some say that in a manner of speaking NYC paved the way for the USA. John Yianni Stamas who is one of the originators of NYC Create sought to create a site that could help people achieve their goals. Goals that include things like those in conjunction with NYC Housing Lottery for which the goal could be to find housing opportunities.

Why Ask for Permission?!

Achieving one’s goals can be a great challenge because there are always many things that can get in the way including getting permission to do something. The funny thing is that “getting permission” is one of the biggest ones (even if there is not a literal person from whom to get permission). Consider learning more about how to take courses that can help you break through your wall.

You see, many of us feel the need for validation, someone who will say that what we are trying to do is in the right direction. Says Stamas:

“Some are lucky enough to have had good parenting and may even at this stage have a mentor.”

But he is then quick to add:

“…But even if you don’t have either of these, the trick is to be able to say to ourselves that we are doing okay, without the need for a thumbs up from someone else.”

All it Takes is Psyching Ourselves Up?!

What John is saying seems to be easy enough. If pursuing a goal one can always psyche themselves up. Right? Wrong.

Watch Out for Those Walls

Some of us have so much negative programing through no fault of ours, we face a wall every whichway we turn. The walls are mostly in the form of giving us lots of excuses for not doing what we know we should do. Even things like not applying to housing opportunities.

Seeking Clarity

If this is you, no worries. It’s not your fault this inertia is happening to you. It likely comes from something or someone you encountered earlier in your life. If you analyze it enough the picture may become clear to you. If you’re really worried about your success, consider taking a course such as those at USA eLearning (as of this date still a work in progress) as well as workshops through NYC Workshops.

Will You Be Able to Travel the Path You Want to?

Once you have clarity you can proceed with more confidence. Says John Yianni Stamas:

“Even if you can’t seem to achieve what you want to achieve and need help removing your barriers to accomplishing your goals, it may be time to get some help.”

Stamas goes on to say that there’s no shame in getting help…

“…In fact some of the most successful people alive have had help at one time or another. So you can certainly be no different. Ask for help!”