Yianni Stamas on Email Newsletter Relationship Building

Hello ArtisticPreneurs!

In the newly released Art Gush course 4 of the 7 part Guerrilla Entrepreneurship series, the topic discussed is that of newsletter relationship building.

It’s a known fact that before your future fan or client will buy from you, you need to have several points of contact with her or him. An email newsletter is a great way of achieving this. First you get your prospect’s email and then you send her or him a series of hopefully useful and valuable newsletter installments.

The NYC Create newsletter you are reading right now certainly aspires to achieve the benchmark of its mission which is to help you the artist – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – to promote yourself, build your audience and ultimately monetize your art.

To create a newsletter weekly, so that it doesn’t become an overwhelming activity, requires having a workflow. When you break your goals down into steps, they often become easier to achieve. For us here at NYC Create, this newsletter was made infinitely easier to create by combining the content of the newsletter and our blog.

Here’s how it works. And maybe from hearing about it you’ll become inspired and consider working out your own system of weekly communication (if you don’t already have one). Our approach is simple. First we create an Art Gush course (as of this writing we’ve uploaded 91 courses in all starting in August of 2016). Whatever topic the current Art Gush educational installment is about provides the jumping off point for us leading to the blog and the newsletter.

And not only does the particular week’s written course content lead directly to creating the blog and newsletter, the same thing goes for the course’s image file. The difference from the newsletter and the blog is that the blog has all the written content but the newsletter only has around half of it. If the reader wants to continue reading all she or he has to do is click on the link and get all the written content on the blog.