An Overview of Guerrilla Entrepreneurship

Guerrilla Entrepreneurship was developed for those who are frustrated by the way their creative career is going. Guerrilla Entrepreneurship at is a step by step online course series on the Art Gush online education website that shows the student how to advance her or his creative career – including being a musician, writer, filmmaker etc. – by becoming an artistic entrepreneur or artisticprenuer.

As an artisticpreneur the student will learn how to develop and market her or his own artist related products and services as well as promote and monetize the art that she or he creates.

The great thing about the Guerrilla Entrepreneurship method is that you’re able to launch, at low or no cost, a creative income stream while you evolve your art.

Basically Guerilla Entrepreneurship means grabbing your career by the bootstraps and jumping right into the pool of self actualization.

James Joyce alluded to it in Ulysses, 1922:

“There were others who had forced their way to the top from the lowest rung by the aid of their bootstraps.”

Guerrilla Entrepreneurship means not having to wait for opportunities but creating them instead.

Here is a preview of the steps involved in Course #6 of 7 in the Art Gush series entitled “Guerrilla Entrepreneurship: How to Be an ArtisticPreneur by Starting and Marketing a Creative Business at No or Low Cost to Monetize Your Creativity in 7 Steps.”

• This week in course 6 of 7 of the Guerrilla Entrepreneurship series we are going to be tweaking the various systems we now have in place. One way to do this is by hiring a coach to guide you through the creative processes you have in place.• If you decide that a coach could be helpful, a place to start searching for one is on the internet or through referrals.• But if you are opposed to this idea, here is something to consider: you don’t know what you don’t know and a coach can help you find out those things. Although Art Gush is a great way to get the basics, since we have no real way to customize our program exactly to you, a coach can help fill in that gap.• Question: what is “fan-building website design?“ The answer is that it is a way of designing your new website such that it motivates those reading it to take action on your offer. Check your blog, does it fulfill this ideal?• If your blog doesn’t have a clear through line and goal, it’s time to tinker with it a bit. For example, does your blog take the user through a journey leading to her or him taking action? If not, do what is necessary to make your blog do so.• Remember, regardless of what kind of artist or creative business you are, you are going to want your customer to take action toward purchasing whatever you are offering whether it is music, an eBook or a movie etc. Finalize the process of insuring your website does this.• This means that on your site you are going to want to have content that is very informative and useful to the reader, but also leads to her or him taking action which is also known as a “call to action.“ Does your site have content of interest for your target audience?• If not, the time is now to begin updating your blog at least once a week.• Other activities you should be pursuing include making sure that all new content leads to the “call to action.”• Client-creating email systems. What is an email system? It is a construct that allows the reader to enter their email address into a form next clicking a button followed by that person being auto-emailed a link that in turn sends her or him to a download page. The download page is where the subject can then retrieve a free artistic digital gift. We use this process successfully ourselves and you can too.• Test your email system on someone who fits your demographic.• Make the necessary adjustments based on what you learn from this experiment.• It is a known fact that in promotion in order to get someone to take action on purchasing a download, it requires several times being communicated with for her or him to click the buy button. Can you think of ways to communicate with your audience several times leading to them making a purchase?• Email is a great way to be able to reach out to your prospect on several occasions ultimately leading up to the purchase of your product or service.• Do you have an email series to introduce your audience to what you do? If you do not have an autoresponder series, consider adding one and writing emails for it.• The main point of having an email system included on your site is that you want to get the email of your web surfing future fan or client so that you in turn can send that person a series of emails leading to making your pitch for her or him to purchase your product or service such as music, an eBook, or movie etc. Do you have a plan in place to make sure you do this?• If you do not have an autoresponder series and prefer to put an email subscriber on your main email series, set this up now.• Consider signing up for online education. What is online education? It is the education you can access online to learn the mechanics of certain topics. In this case you would want to pursue online education that is relevant to your marketing approach that you are using to share your art, or a topic related to your art. • As an alternative you could even search YouTube for answers to questions.