How to Make “M” as an Artist

Overview as well as “How to Make “M” as an Artist”

Hello ArtisticPreneurs.

We’re not going to say (at least not immediately anyway) the “M” word. The “M” word can be a very challenging one for artists. And as you know by now when we say artists we mean artists of all kinds including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. Sometimes it’s easier to say “commerce” but the “M” word can be a topic of great stress for creators.

Not all creators mind you, but those who are not satisfied with where they are in their creative careers. Some would say no artist is ever satisfied and it is this dissatisfaction that drives her or him. This is probably true, but it doesn’t help when the bottom line is not being met to pay at least the minimal bills like food, rent and so forth.

We’ve had several readers suggest that we explore the topic of “How to Make “M” as an Artist.” If you check Google Trends “How to Make “M” as an Artist” (insert the entire “M” word) has such a large amount of interest (pun not intended) that it actually ranks as a trend of its own. Plus if you put it through the “You Tube” test, which is seeing if it shows up as a menu pull-down item, “How to Make “M” as an Artist” passes with flying colors, namely the color green. Look for “M” topic to start next week and run for 6 consecutive weeks.

Meanwhile, today marks the final day of our Guerrilla Entrepreneurship series both on the Art Gush website ( and in this NYC Create blog/newsletter. Some of you have noted that thus far there has been a lot of information regarding marketing but not much when it comes to business protocols. This was intentional. Business info can be found in many different accessible places online, but some of the promotional techniques we revealed can’t be found anywhere else.

Now on to this week’s bullet point sequence. It picks up where we left off from last week and covers an OVERVIEW of the series. Note that in the bullet sequence there is mention in more detail of the Google Trends and YouTube popularity test. So without further ado:

• Step 1 for today is to explore viral trends. The way to do so is to go to Google trends and see what is trending. Choose one of the ideas. • The way that you do this is to type in concepts that relate to your business. You want to find something that is popular. • You will know that you have found something popular once the ideas you are typing in show up as a trend. • To continue your viral trend search take one of the ideas you got from Google trends and search for it on YouTube. If it is a trend on YouTube also, then design your own variation on this trend. • The way you do this is that you search the trend you found in your viral trend. • If it does not show up in YouTube then find a trend that is a pull down and go back to Google trends to see if pull down ranks as a trend. • Put the trend out there as a blog entry or even also as a YouTube video. If you have included some of the aspects of the existing viral trend and have done your own variation on it, chances are you will create a trend yourself. • The key is going to be to not copy the trend flat out, but put a spin on it so it is original to you. • Put the video out there and see how it does. • Needless to say, on all your materials including video and blog content, be sure to link to something that the web browser will click on that will lead her or him to your offer such as having people sign up for your email newsletter. • This of course also means that you have a great offer. Your offer should be for the user to get a solution to her or his problem. • Set up the offer. • In the final analysis you are going to want to turn your hobby or passion into a business but be sure you are solving a problem for the customer, client or fan. • Make your workflow for your business. • Test your business. As mentioned in prior lessons, do not incorporate your business until you are certain you have something that works. • Analyze where this customer, client or fan is hanging out online and figure out how to have a presence there. • This is going to take a while of trial and error. • Try various strategies to get your customer, client or fan to come to your • Let’s analyze your offer. Have an offer for that customer, client or fan that they will want to participate in. This can be as simple as signing up for your email newsletter or can even be to make a purchase. Other ideas include developing a quiz for your target. • But the point is that the offer is in the best media form possible including web page, video and so forth. • Put your offer out there and test, test, test. Only when thoroughly tested do you commit to this Guerrilla Entrepreneurship business.