John Yianni Stamas Reveals a Strategy to Achieve Your Goals

Do you have a goal you would like to achieve? You’ve come to the right place. Please continue to read!

Achieving Your Goals is the Mission

NYC Create came before USA Create and some say that in a manner of speaking NYC paved the way for the USA. John Yianni Stamas who is one of the originators of NYC Create sought to create a site that could help people achieve their goals. Goals that include things like those in conjunction with NYC Housing Lottery for which the goal could be to find housing opportunities.

Why Ask for Permission?!

Achieving one’s goals can be a great challenge because there are always many things that can get in the way including getting permission to do something. The funny thing is that “getting permission” is one of the biggest ones (even if there is not a literal person from whom to get permission). Consider learning more about how to take courses that can help you break through your wall.

You see, many of us feel the need for validation, someone who will say that what we are trying to do is in the right direction. Says Stamas:

“Some are lucky enough to have had good parenting and may even at this stage have a mentor.”

But he is then quick to add:

“…But even if you don’t have either of these, the trick is to be able to say to ourselves that we are doing okay, without the need for a thumbs up from someone else.”

All it Takes is Psyching Ourselves Up?!

What John is saying seems to be easy enough. If pursuing a goal one can always psyche themselves up. Right? Wrong.

Watch Out for Those Walls

Some of us have so much negative programing through no fault of ours, we face a wall every whichway we turn. The walls are mostly in the form of giving us lots of excuses for not doing what we know we should do. Even things like not applying to housing opportunities.

Seeking Clarity

If this is you, no worries. It’s not your fault this inertia is happening to you. It likely comes from something or someone you encountered earlier in your life. If you analyze it enough the picture may become clear to you. If you’re really worried about your success, consider taking a course such as those at USA eLearning (as of this date still a work in progress) as well as workshops through NYC Workshops.

Will You Be Able to Travel the Path You Want to?

Once you have clarity you can proceed with more confidence. Says John Yianni Stamas:

“Even if you can’t seem to achieve what you want to achieve and need help removing your barriers to accomplishing your goals, it may be time to get some help.”

Stamas goes on to say that there’s no shame in getting help…

“…In fact some of the most successful people alive have had help at one time or another. So you can certainly be no different. Ask for help!”