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The 6 Step Version and the 19 Step Version are BOTH Included!

We’re talking of course about the eBook product from the new partnership of and This edition of the “How to Get New Customers” PDF is the “6 Easy Steps Method.” This is perfect for beginners. While for pros, as a special bonus included along with the newsletter is an exclusive bare bones outline of the “19 Steps Technique.” Media Administration is pulling its weight also to ensure this product is the very best it can be! And don’t forget Movie Process’ contribution on the video end.

NYC Create Joint Effort with Movie Process and Media Administration

Ultimately the three of us are developing content for Folks have been asking us about the 19 steps so getting the eBook can give you the outline of what they are and either have us create your customized web marketing tools or create them yourself! Althought it’s just the bare bones but, it is the exact same tools and 19 steps we use to get new customers so it’s been tested many times over!

Makers of Digital Web Marketing Tools

And don’t forget, and can make all the digital web marketing tools you need whether you are interested in doing the 6 Step or 19 Step approach. You of course also free to make the digital marketing tools for either of the solutions yourself. Again, details of how to purchase the eBook will be given toward the end of your 10 days of learning by email how to get new clients.

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