Keep Up with Marketing

Look to the Future

Hello businesses, performing artists and organizations. We’re here to discuss an issue that affects all of us. When it comes to marketing the old saying goes “The only constant is change.” So if you are a business who is seeking that intersection between marketing and strategy, due to constant changes occurring in technology, you need to be one step ahead of the curve. Or at least, with the present but looking toward the future. Additional stress can occur for those over 50, but that’s power for the course.

You Need a Thick Skin

This can at times be quite frustrating because just when you get used to a nice pace with known elements, the change happens. One thing disrupts the other, so you need to be thick skinned in your approach.

Hopefully You Have a Good Home Situation

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Human is Human

Meanwhile, there are some things that change more slowly and are a part of the equation. What is that? Why it’s human nature of course. We just have to look at the stories from Ancient Greece to see that this is the case. Also Shakespeare, which has held up well over the years because it still resonates with people.

Customer Taking Action

So how do you get on the right track? For what it’s worth, we make it our job to focus in on what is working today and what is not. We build a foundation to the building in looking at the goal of connecting a customer with a brand and then that customer taking action.

When the Moment Strikes

This means that as the elements change, you still have a somewhat stable first layer to your marketing. Then as changes occur they become integrated into the equation for the moment.

Customer Acquisition

But bottom line with all this is that it has to create results for the client. We are in very different times than even just 10 years ago. There are now the tools to see if something if working and to equate what amount is attached to a new customer acquisition.

Specific About Costs

Marketing efficiency is, for the lowest possible cost, delivering effective programs. You need to look at cost per inquiry, cost per sales-ready lead and so forth.

Know Your Audience

Throughout all this never forget that you need to know EXACTLY who you are trying to connect with. Because only then can you get the best possible outcome. Additionally, there will be revelations through the promotional process about who your demographic is, and this is just power for the course. Again, make sure you have a good home life to combat these obstacles.


Integrate all the things you discover about your ideal customer because people in ways can change based on technology also. For example, an older person who rejects technology is going to take a very different approach than a young person who wants to possess the latest. Of course, this can work in reverse as well.

Campaigns Change

Campaigns and programs in the past of been the backbone of marketing, but recently this has started to change. Everything gets broken down into operations functions to be achieved. Each function can be a part of a campaign, but can also stand on its own.