A Way to Create in Which You Create

Don’t Cop Out

In my view,  when you create, if it is done for the greater good, it is a noble thing to do. Some creative people can’t create. It’s true. They have a high degree of creative ability except they don’t use it. Say for example a writer who claims writer’s block and therefore is not able to put words on paper. Unless this state of mind occurs because of a dire situation, not creating is in the opinion of many, a pure and simple cop out.

Bring it into Your Conscious Mind

Okay, maybe we’re being a bit too hard on the creative individual. In order to unblock writer’s block takes a bit of mind over matter. You need to want to write. This is where you have a discussion with your unconscious and ask it if it will please bring that material into your conscious mind.

How to Start to Create

Now, you can only have discussions with your brain on issues like being unable to create IF you really want to do so. For example, there are many who truly do not want to create. They think they want to, they may even believe that it is a feather in their cap about looking good in the eyes of others. Looking good to others is a motivation and not necessarily a bad. If you discover that this is why you do what you do, embrace it. Really give it a big hug and be willing to let go. This could very lead to your fingers on you computer keys to actually start to…Create!