Be Creative with Your Business

How Can You Be Creative with Your Business

If you are an artist you hopefully have been flexing your creative muscles as an ArtisticPreneur. If so, you may have found that analyzing your business is not always easy. One site that may have some solutions for you is called DIYdigi. Regardless, you need to know how to be creative with your business since your business likely is your way to promote your art  whether you are a Fine Artist, Performing Artist, Media Artist etc.

Do You Have a Solution to a Problem?

The good news for ArtisticPreneurs is that since you are creative you can be creative in both your creative career but also your business. This is especially useful when it comes to marketing. A great way to start a business as an artist is to serve others who are pursuing the same art that you are, offering them a solution to a problem such as needing better marketing.

Artist Marketing

We had a successful creative business for artists for 12 solid years, always making a profit. The way we did it was to focus on performing artists and their need to have both a demo real as well as a way to present their auditions digitally. We had many working artists come to our practice. You might want to try something along these lines to. The reason is that you know your art form so all you really need to do is to come up with a service such as we did as performing artists by helping other such artists with marketing. You can do it too!