Are You a New Yorker Who Wants to Make a Difference by Creating a Virtual Workshop?

Questions that May Come Up when You Create Your Online Workshop

When it comes to defining the road you will take to create your workshop, there are some questions you might want to ask yourself. What is the best method for me to get across the desired outcome to my students? Is there enough time to fully realize the learning objectives? What is the most direct way to ensure that participants leave , knowing internally that they have integrated knowledge and technique into their mind? Are any materials necessary to help the desired income? If so, what kind of a directive will you give to the students in advance so that they will be able to gather these instruments prior to the workshop beginning, even though the lessons are taught virtually?

Let the Voices of Your Students be Heard

When it comes time to do your workshop(s), sometimes a good place to start is by asking your students to talk about themselves and their backgrounds and what they hope to achieve through the experience? If there are rules needed for having the best result of the class(es) be sure to explain them to your students at this time also.

Seek a Result

Basically you want to explain to the participants what the goals of the workshop are so that right from the very beginning they understand what is being sought and can integrate this into their own barometer. A responsibility that you have as an instructor is to keep things always moving toward the desired goal. You can integrate check-ins throughout the process to ensure that the students are getting a result as they move with you toward the goal.

Optimize the Benefits of the Experience

Toward the end of your workshop(s) is a good time to open up the discussion of what your participants have learned and what they will now do with their newly found education. You can literally go one student at a time with her or his sharing. As a facilitator, this is a great opportunity for those who are not clear to be coached toward the workshop’s goals. You can also outline and affirm the steps they will now want to take for optimal benefit from the experience.