New York City Marketer Looks Up at the Sky in Search of a SOLUTION to a Marketing PROBLEM

NYC Create Joins Cause Marketing Project Taking on Marketing PROBLEMS

You most likely have heard the phrase “There’s nothing new under the sun.” True, but that does not mean you can’t take old marketing tools and by combining them together, come up with fresh approaches. That is what is being attempted here in conjunction with pairing together existing and proven tactics and then pulling them all together into a single strategic solution that can be used weekly for your business or career as a creator.

Beautiful but Frightening

Digital Marketing rules the world, but in this case, it means that it rules many of us as well. It sometimes can start to seem as if the only existing form of Digital Marketing is to purchase ads on targeted Search engine and social media platforms. Digital Marketing is a beautiful thing, but it is also a very high-cost beautiful thing. And for many of us that is a PROBLEM that needs a SOLUTION.

Goal is to: Find a Fresher Marketing Approach

That is why NYC Create and other sites in the Blog Coalition are coming together to make marketing problems into marketing solutions. And do not worry, feedback has been received that NYC Create can at times seem to have its nose in the air, being a snob and talking about New York City being the best place to live in the world.

Fresh Approach

NYC Create promises not to go over the deep and start to very heavily promote Manhattan, NY. Instead, the focus will be on what matters most which is to find a a new fresher marketing approach. And not just for NYC but for individuals all over the USA.