Can you have more control over your creativity, meaning rather than waiting for inspiration you are able to tap into your innovation and differentiation to produce something unique and engaging. And the more it is of interest to the consumer, the more materially successful it can be as explored at the Art Gush site.

If you are like a lot of creative people it is very possible that you have thought at some point that you would like to take your creative process and streamline it in some manner.

Streamlining means something different from person to person, but one of the most popular ideas as of late is to take your creativity and have some kind of template to follow so that you can create your products more quickly because you are not always reinventing the wheel. Heck, even Bigfoot Zombie is getting success minded!

A very General Way of Looking at the Creative Product Process

1. Research Your Topic Choice

2. Experiment with Content

3. Edit and Solidify

4. Fine Tune All Movable Parts

5. Make Chunks if need be

6. Work on Sub Features

7. Make as engaging as possible

8. Promote it

9. Do Customer Beta Tests

10. Learn from Consumer Research