Ask AI Guy Coming Attractions for New Short Digital Book entitled “AI Make Free App”

Ask AI Guy says “No coding experience needed.”

Having your own app is an extraordinary AI opportunity in a world of emerging Artificial Intelligence. More and more small business owners are seeing the benefits of having their own app as a way to build an audience of customers using strategies like “AI Make a Free App.”

It works well because it you have an online store or if you do educational sprints like NYC Workshops, having your own app engages your customers or future ones since they are literally interacting with your brand when they use the app.

It all starts with a WordPress site. And, if you do not already have a WordPress site you could make one for free and then convert it to an app.

And the process of making the app is at no cost also. Below is a sample of what it is to experience the new offering with more sample examples at NYC AIM (New York City Apprentice in Media.”

NYC Create

After creating the app project and selecting a theme, the next step, as NYC Create emphasizes, is to customize the appearance and functionalities of your app using AppPresser’s visual customizer. This tool lets you customize everything from the app’s color scheme and layout to its menu structure and functionality. By using this visual customizer, you can create a mobile app that not only looks great but also provides a seamless user experience, all without the need for any coding.

NYC Create points out that the next stage is to add your WordPress content to your app. With AppPresser, you can easily incorporate your WordPress posts, pages, and other content into your mobile app using the WordPress Customizer. This step helps to ensure that your app remains consistent with your website, providing a seamless transition for your users.

The AppPresser plugin allows the integration of other WordPress plugins within the app, a feature NYC Create highly recommends. This means you can extend your app’s functionalities by incorporating elements such as eCommerce through WooCommerce, forums through bbPress, and even social media integration. This ability to incorporate familiar WordPress plugins can make your app more versatile and useful for your users.

Once the app is designed and content added, NYC Create suggests testing your app thoroughly before publishing. AppPresser provides a mobile app viewer that allows you to test your app on various devices. This crucial step helps identify any bugs or issues that might affect the user experience, enabling you to correct them before the app is launched.

Following the successful testing of your app, the next step is to publish it on the app stores. As NYC Create advises, AppPresser offers detailed documentation on how to submit your app to Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS. This guidance is invaluable for those unfamiliar with the app submission process and helps ensure that your app meets all necessary requirements.

After the app is published, NYC Create emphasizes the importance of regular updates and maintenance. Just as a website needs to be updated regularly to keep content fresh and relevant, so does your mobile app. With AppPresser, you can update your app directly from the WordPress dashboard, making the process easy and efficient.

In conclusion, NYC Create’s step-by-step guidance to using the AppPresser WordPress plugin for app transformation presents an efficient and user-friendly method for businesses and individuals to extend their online presence into the mobile realm. The increasing use of mobile devices for accessing content online makes this transformation not just beneficial but crucial for any digital strategy.

By following NYC Create’s advice, users can ensure that they are utilizing the best tools and practices for their digital transformation journey. The endorsement of the AppPresser WordPress plugin by NYC Create is a testament to the efficacy of this tool in helping businesses and individuals expand their digital footprint, improve user engagement, and stay relevant in an ever-evolving digital landscape.