For over two decades I’ve been fortunate in being able to help artists of all kinds in New York City as well as online by creating promotional tools for them that they in turn use to accomplish objectives like getting roles in films, TV and the stage. Additionally I have been very lucky to have either directed or had as clients, creative individuals who have won Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tonys and, yes, even Platinum PIAs.

Plus, in order to be able to better serve my clients, I got an undergraduate degree in Digital Media Entrepreneurship and am currently pursuing my Master’s in Arts Administration. Also, I have worked as a video and education provider to major Manhattan institutions including Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the NYC Department of Education and the New York Public Library. In short I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and now want to share with others what I have learned.

What does this all mean to you? If you are someone who has worked hard at your chosen creative profession or are struggling with your own artistic business but don’t seem to be making any headway, there may be an alternative approach that you have not considered. You can take the reins into your own hands by using online promotion so that you are able to stop needing gatekeepers to validate your existence.

 We are talking about promoting yourself and building your audience of fans, clients, and customers. The fact of the matter is that due to technological advances you no longer have to rely as much on others to make your creative career happen. Now you can promote yourself by using the right creative tools with the ultimate goal of becoming an ArtisticPreneur.

Imagine creating your art your way and selling it to your very own hungry audience. Picture yourself using marketing strategies to develop an ever increasing following. This means making the goal come true of having a devoted demographic of at least 1,000 people who are on your email list and flock to your social media sites. This method has been proven to work for creatives ranging from musicians to writers to filmmakers to creative business owners and beyond. Of course we can’t guarantee you will get the same results, because it all depends on how well you consistently work the program.

Need proof that this approach works? Just look around you at the successful artists of today that you admire and you will likely find that they control the distribution and promotion of their own self-produced digital products such as music, eBooks, movies and more. In actuality this has become the norm. We no longer live in a world where artists can create their wares and then supply them to the highest bidder who handles the distribution and marketing. These days to succeed you need to become an ArtisticPreneur.

What is it that you dream of? To be wealthy? To be popular? To have security? To have inner peace?  Or even just to have fun? No matter what your vision is of your future this is a wakeup call. The artists and creative business owners who are most successful in our society do not wait for their dreams to come true but instead become ArtisticPreneurs and make them happen.

The only difference between you and them is that they know the proper steps to take to become an ArtisticPreneur and make their dreams into a reality. You can achieve this yourself but first you need to work smarter not harder.

Have you ever watched the show “Shark Tank”? If so, you may have noticed that those who were able to generate the numbers are the ones who often get the deal. Do you think they have some kind of magical quality that you don’t possess? No. In reality they are the same as you it’s just that they have maintained focus on their path.

Artists no longer have the luxury of ignoring the entrepreneurial  aspects of attaining their artistic success. You now need to be both artistic and an entrepreneur or, yes, an ArtisticPreneur.

But where does the ArtisticPreneur plan exist to make this happen? Introducing “How to Build Your Personal Brand in 5 Steps” This is a totally free eBook we have created that you can download instantly when you sign up for our no cost email newsletter which brings you weekly tips on how to promote yourself and build your audience as an ArtisticPreneur.

The eBook shows you the insider secrets to being successful as an ArtisticPreneur. The funny thing is, they’re nor really secrets at all but just common sense. In fact so accessible are these ideas that you may wonder why you never thought of doing them yourself.

Warning: don’t even think of taking another step in your creative career until you have this eBook and read it. Do you want to waste more time not really doing what you need to do to make your creativity pay for itself as an ArtisticPreneur?

Sorry to be so melodramatic but think of the pain you have gone through in not achieving everything you thought you would. It sometimes feels like an open wound, doesn’t it? It may seem hopeless and not achievable. But this is just an illusion that you can shatter when you know the big steps and sub-steps to take.

NYC Create is different from other creativity marketers in that we believe in assisting you to become self-sufficient as a creator employing creative coaching, fan-building website design, client-creating email systems, digital marketing and online education.

Stop the pain of not making your dreams happen as an ArtisticPreneur. Don’t feel hopeless ever again. It works if you work it. You owe it to yourself as a future or current ArtisticPreneur to take action with the free newsletter and no cost eBook. We believe that you need more than just the digital tools but that you also require an ongoing educational program and consulting game plan as well. For this reason we at NYC Create created the online learning site for ArtisticPreneurs called Art Gush.

To be specific, we developed Art Gush to provide you with a three steps a day approach to promoting your creative career. There are new courses added each and every week, to Art Gush. Each of these courses contains a lesson plan for seven consecutive days, at the rate of just three steps a day. You will never be at a loss again as to what to do next.

Topics covered in Art Gush include “Guerrilla Entrepreneurship,” “How to Build a Personal Brand,” “How to Do a Campaign,” “How to Sell a Movie,” “How to Make a Blog Website,” “How to Sell an eBook,” “How to Create a Film” and more.

But you still need to work the steps and sub-steps yourself. You still need to be a hard worker. This is not an instant solution. And frankly you need to believe in your ArtisticPreneur abilities because you will not succeed if you don’t have faith in your talent in regards to the art form you have selected to pursue.

But conversely, if you don’t at least take action by signing up for the free eBook and no-cost newsletter things will remain the same. You are probably aware that one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Thankfully when you start on your NYC Create path you are going to likely encounter new territory.

But the free email newsletter and eBook offer are not necessarily going to be available forever. You need to act now to get them. We are likely not planning on keeping this offer going for an unlimited time frame. This is because we are considering integrating some of the techniques from the eBook into our premium products in which case the free weekly newsletter and eBook would no longer be available.

The reason for this is that we recently tested the usefulness of the free eBook by using it as the basis of a university lecture presentation at one of the State Universities of New York. The university lecture was extremely well received by an audience of undergraduate and graduate students. Because of the very positive reception we have now started to reevaluate what to give at no cost. So sign up now so that you don’t miss out!

What are some of the reasons that you might procrastinate on signing up for the free newsletter and eBook? Maybe you don’t feel enough pain to make a change? Or possibly you are too busy and wonder how much value there could be in the free stuff? Or maybe you just don’t think becoming an ArtisticPreneur will work for you?

Whatever is standing in your way from taking us up on this free offer to potentially take your artistic career in a whole new direction, we remind you that you have nothing to lose in checking it out and considering being an ArtisticPreneur.

What about the premium products and services? The only reason for considering the premium options is that they will likely help you get to where you want to go more quickly. This means less time having to have anxiety about your future as a creative person or creative business owner.

If you experience fear, depression and anxiety it could be stemming from not having a specific step by step plan to achieve your goals as well as the tools to realize them. Or even if you’re not prone to experiencing fear, depression and anxiety – you might be able to nip it in the bud right now so it never happens to you. We can’t of course guarantee the outcome you will have by getting the newsletter and eBook but there’s at least the slight possibility that by doing so it will bring you a more positive outlook.

So sign up right now for the free email newsletter in which each week, per our mission, you’ll learn tips to help you promote yourself as an artist, build your audience and ultimately monetize your art. Plus simultaneously you’ll receive the no-cost instantly downloadable eBook entitled “How to Build a Personal Brand in 5 Steps.” You have nothing to lose by signing up and everything to gain. And our vision is that we hope the newsletter and eBook will give you the confidence you need to bring more art into the world because in our opinion the more art the world has, the better a place it will be.


John S.

P.S. The time is now.

P.P.S. Welcome to the ArtisticPreneur evolution revolution that has created a new set of technological disruptions that make it possible for today’s ArtisticPreneur to harness internet tools and get results.

P.P.P.S. No matter where you live on the globe we can work with you.