Yianni Stamas welcomes you to Human Rights Day

All of Us Can Get Along

You have landed on NYC Create as we look at the UDHR, which stands for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and includes aspects of what is necessary for all of us to get along despite beliefs and religion as well as opinion and information. On this day, December 10, which is Human Rights Day.

Human Rights

Another right, freedom from the state or personal interference, protects all the other rights. Sadly, some of the UDHR has yet to be followed along with, but the document itself has indeed stood the test of time. It represents the empowerment of every human being in the world along with bestowing the right for individuals to stand up for their own human rights.


It is the tradition on this day to to grant the yearly United Nations Prizes in the Field of Human Rights including the Nobel Peace Prize.

Artists are Making a Difference in New York City

Blog Coalition is a Network of Blogs of Artists and Business People


Generating Art and Blog Entries

In many ways New York has lost the cultural luster that it has had for so long. No theater, the museums, no creative events and so on. What is left of Manhattan, NY at this point is online on video conferencing such as Zoom. Just when everything seemed amiss, Performing Artists and Visual Artists of all kinds, came together with a pact to keep generating art and blog entries.

A Network of Blogs

This creator of creative unity is Blog Coalition which is literally what its name implies: a network of blogs who support each other through this difficult time.

An Invitation

Since its inception is has been flooded with those who have blogs and are in the performing and visual arts. Being harmonious in a group makes it easier to cope with the challenges. If you are a creative person we hope to see you there.

NYC Create – This is Your Time to Create

NYC Create

This is your time to create. Your time to thank those essential workers who are making a difference. A friend of mine who is an essential worker is proud to be a part of a positive group of people.

How to Say “Thank You”

Saying thank you can be as simple as participating in the 7:00pm tradition here in the city of clanging pots and letting out hoots. It’ also a time to bring into focus what others are doing for us in your blog or even in your every day communicating to others.

NYC Create – This is Your Time to Create

Create with all your might your feelings about being in Manhattan, NY and being in lockdown. How has this been for you? How are things going. We want to know. So NYC Create!