Platinum PIAs Awards 2018 Winners plus the “Make a Difference” Rebranding to NYC Create

NYC Create wishes to do a big shoutout of congratulations to our 4 Platinum PIAs winners including Bobby Hart, Danny Hicks, Gary Summers and Martin Stephens. These artists are not only wonderful creators but make a difference in their communities.

NYC Create subscribers made their voices heard when voting for these 4 individuals. The subscribers were given exclusive access to a video that consisted of 3 choices for each of 4 categories.

This, the 9th annual PIAs, has been the first ever to be done entirely on the internet!

And speaking of doing things online, NYC Create now brings you the next installment of tips to promote yourself as an artist, build your audience and ultimately monetize your art.

If you have not been following along with us as a subscriber to the NYC Create newsletter, the steps listed below are going to seem be a bit incongruous. If you would like to be in the loop, please sign up for the NYC Create newsletter. Now, here are the latest steps/tips regarding the “Proof of Concept” phase of the Guerrilla Entrepreneurship sequence.

2018 Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists

Recently there was the updating of a website entitled the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for Artists. The annual Platinum PIAs Awards has since 2010 been recognizing artists who are making a difference in their New York City communities and around the world. Artists include musicians, writers and filmmakers etc.

The big news is that in conjunction with the posting of the winners for 2018, a major rebranding will be occurring. Lights Camera Read will be rebranding as this site – NYC Create.

Essentially what is happening all blog updates and other aspects will be moving here to NYC Create. NYC Create is a new entity committed to carrying on the mission of helping you, the artist, create your creative career.