Helping a Creative Friend in NYC

Is This You?

Are you creative and broke? By this we mean that you are a very talented creative person, with a lot of knowledge and ability (when it comes to creating things). But, for whatever reason, you have not been able to turn your creativity into commerce?

We Get It

We understand all too well because many of us have faced the same issue. Having an abundance of being able to innovate, yet when comes to producing an income with our insights and skills, are unable to reach the next creator plateau.

It Gets Worse

One friend, who should be in Mensa, had jaw dropping powers of perception, but also had a fear of failure and the ensuing humiliation that can come from doing something such as running a business, that ends up quickly closing after having its door opened for less than a month.

The Downward Spiral

These days because of the Pandemic are causing entrepreneurs all over the USA having to have their dreams dashed with shutdown becoming a regular thing. But when our friend had this occur to him, he took it personally as a rejection, and afterwards felt very alone in a state of depression.

The Stress Was Intense

Even when we told our friend that likely it was due to Covid variant increasing its reach, he still processed the experience that could have done well if a “real” businessperson had done the venture instead of him.

That Was the Turning Point

It occurred to me shortly thereafter was that the issue was especially shattering for him because he saw himself as a creative individual who didn’t quite get the whole “business thing.” Creative people excel in generating ideas, but sometimes it is difficult for some to do, say, math for instance. Anyway, through this thought process I came up with an idea to help him get out of the gloom and doom.

What I’ve Learned from the Pandemic about Creativity

I used to think that New York City was the end all and be all when it came to creativity. And I still believe it was and can once again become the Big Apple once more.

But I’ve learned something about creativity. You can be virtually anywhere in the world. Because as it is now with the virus and unrest, I stay inside most days. Creativity then becomes less about physical environment and more about inner environments.

I never thought I would ever feel this way, but my and my family may eventually leave the metropolis. We are unable to just pick up and go, but with some planning and goals achieved, we could be putting this once glorious city in our rear view mirror.

What are Your Personal and Professional Missions?

We have a limited time on this earth and most go through this experience known as life, without a personal mission. The same goes with new entrepreneurs and some old ones. Do you know what your mission is? We’re talking about personal and professional missions.

I can only speak about myself of course. I have gone many years without a mission in the businesses I have started. In fact, even getting my graduate degree which has a lot to do with creating missions, I still was left mission-less .

How about you? Do you have either a personal or professional mission or both? Contact us we’d love to hear from you.