IMPORTANT: We are Rebranding as NYC Create

Hello artisticpreneurs!

And a warm welcome to readers of the “NYC Make a Difference” newsletter and the “Lights Camera Read” blog.

Now for the big news. We are rebranding as NYC Create!

This means that next week we will be showing up in your inbox and online as being from “NYC Create” rather than “NYC Make a Difference.”Why are we rebranding as NYC Create? To serve you better of course. We are committed to the “mission” of bringing you the artist – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – weekly tips on how promote yourself and build your audience. Our “vision” or hope is that by doing so it will inspire you to create more art. And in our opinion, now more than ever, more art means a better world!Plus, regardless of whether you live in New York City or anywhere else on the globe, we will do our best to provide you with useful weekly strategies to take your artistic pursuits to the next level. We call this process “CREATING your creative career” just like as mentioned in the new NYC Create logo.And now without further ado, let’s explore the steps that are a continuation from last week’s tips regarding getting folks to register for your newsletter:

• What are the exact steps you are going to put a prospect through to vet her or him? Write down your ideas. • An example of vetting is getting their email which triggers them to receive eBook. • You know that if person goes through the trouble to give you their email address in an online form and then clicks on link in email they receive in their mailbox , they are a possible prospect. • What will the content of your eBook be, such that it will help vet your potential client? For example, you might give client an eBook about solving their problem. • You can also include link to your website in eBook if by chance it is shared with others. • Decide what the content of your email newsletters will be. • A good bet is providing weekly or monthly tips on subject matters that relate directly to the problem that is solved. • If you are offering educational products, a workflow to consider is using the creation of your newsletter to be done in tandem with creating content for course. • You might consider having on your website a “vet page” meaning a series of questions you ask prospect to find out if you are a good fit with them and that they are a good fit to you. • You could potentially do this as a form. • You could also just put a list online so prospect is fully informed when signing up for your newsletter. • Once you have all the steps you will take for acquiring your customer, as we stated earlier, make note of how much you have to pay to get each client. • Check to make sure you are not going over your amount allocated for acquiring client. • Double check all the steps you went through to acquire client. • Initially test out your business during a proof of concept phase. It is recommended that you go through this phase before committing to incorporating your business. • The point being that there’s no reason to incorporate a business that doesn’t get results and appears not to be self sustaining. • Write down how you will do your proof of concept, in other words proving concept works.

A premium and more detailed version of this content is available in the form of a video and PDF course at Art Gush.